Our love for sharing meals on low tables and pillows started on the tatami mats in our Cho and under the cherry blossoms in Japan. We loved all of the cups, dishes, and taking off our shoes too.
Then again in 2019 when we drove through Morocco to the red sands of the Sahara, slept in tents, and fell in love with the culture. Eating delicious food with loved ones and friends we made from different countries, on rugs and poufs, around low tables. There’s just something about it that makes you get comfortable and connect with people…..
So when my sons graduated in 2020 and 2021 (during quarantine), I thought about how it could still be special. I remembered the pillows and rugs we brought back. We put together low tables, curated a graduation tablescape and CDPC was born.
Hospitality and travel are my two favorite things, so we’re happy to bring this part of these cultures to the shores and parks of California and put our Central Coast vibe on it for you. We believe life is a reason to celebrate and hospitality never goes out of style, so we’re passionate about curating a beautiful setting for you.